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Historically, wood has always been the choice material for manufacturing doors. It is a material that proves relatively easy to find in and extract from nature. That is why human settlements were located along rivers and water sources that facilitated the growth of trees and forests, which provided wood and, at the same time, protection and food, particularly game and wild fruit. In addition, for the first door manufacturers who made wood doors, production was a relatively simple task, as wood is a lightweight material that is easily transported, as well as very easy to shape and work on.

In a building, we can distinguish between exterior doors, more closely associated to architecture, andinterior doors which are part of the particular decorative project of the building or each individual home, office or room. Following are three good reasons or advantages that make wood doors the recommended choice in any project —both for exterior doors and for interior doors.


- Aesthetics: The use of wood doors helps to create warm, cosy spaces. When we speak of wood interiors, the combined use of wood doors with some sort of wood panelling and wood ceilings offers excellent aesthetic results that convey a feeling of comfort and good taste. Actually, few elements can make such a profound change to the aesthetic appearance of a room as wood doors.

- Ecology: Wood is an organic, renewable, reusable and recyclable material. In addition, by includingwood doors in a project, it is possible to rely on door manufacturers who have PEFC certified products which guarantees that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests.

- Wide choice: There are wood doors for all tastes, in all the styles, designs and finishes that you may wish for. In addition, you can choose isophonic technical doors (to help with in soundproofing a the room) and fire-resistant technical doors.


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