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When using wood inner linings, what types of wood can you use?

Whether in homes, offices or public buildings the use of wood inner linings in walls and ceilings significantly improves the aesthetics of a room. Also, depending on models, some wood inner linings can help improve the acoustics of the room.

One can use solid wood inner linings or others manufactured with plywood finished in natural wood or imitations.

If you are in doubt, it is advisable to know what shades and textures each type of wood can offer. If in addition, if you opt for solid wood inner linings you should know the hardness, resistance and other characteristics of each type of wood.

Following are 8 video clips “recruited” from Youtube (in Spanish and English), to help you know the different types of wood used in carpentry and in the manufacture of wood inner linings and their finishes.


1. 10 different types of wood

2. Different wood species - Over 90 woodspecies!!

3. Types of wood and Manufactured Boards 001

4. Woodworking Information : Different Types of Wood

5. How to Choose Lumber for Woodworking

6. Types of Word - Inner linings

7. Types of wood

8. Wood inner linings: types of wood Lizbeth Soto Correa



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