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A few weeks ago the Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena received the 2016 Pritzker Prize. It is the first time that a Chilean architect receives the prize, despite the fact that it is a country that has consistently made valuable contributions to world architecture. But perhaps the most aspect of the award is the recognition of a type of architecture that puts its sights on the essentials of this art: a simple, uncomplicated use of materials, the mutual understanding of the work and its surroundings and focus on the user of each project.

We approach the works of Aravena to discover a use of wood (wood inner linings, wood ceilings and walls, and wood panels) which is perfect in combination with other materials.

As specialists in the manufacture of wood inner linings, at Spigogroup we wanted to highlight some of the works of Alejandro Aravena where we found our favourite material: wood.

Wood inner linings in the Centro de Innovación UC






Villa Verde housing





Details of wood inner linings in the Quinta Monroy housing complex




Access to Torres Siamesas







Wood panelling at the Faculty of Mathematics of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile





Nuevo Horcones nurseries in Arauco





Tourist viewpoints




Constitución Culture Centre






Constitución Municipal Theatre






Santiago Montessori School




Photographs from

Photographs Author: Felipe Díaz Contardo -


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