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001 revestimiento de madera en interiores wood panelling for interiors lambris pour intérieursThe use of wood panelling in the interior of buildings is as old as the history of architecture and construction. Despite the appearance of a large number of new, top-performing materials for construction and decoration, wood remains among the first options for most architects, engineers, decorators and interior designers. Following we reveal the 7 advantages of using wood panelling for interiors:


  1. It is natural and ancestral: it takes us back to natural constructions which were used by mankind: hollows in tree trunks, the interior of the great shrubs or the natural wood ceilings formed by intertwining tree branches.
  2. It is recyclable, ecological and renewable (it naturally regenerates itself), and also reusable. In addition there is wood available in the market with certifications such as PEFC or FSC that guarantee that the material used for the highest-quality wood panelling for interiors, such as that supplied by Spigogroup, comes from sustainably and environmentally-friendly managed forests.
  3. It provides elegance and warmth, and it is timeless. It never goes out of style. It is always liked.
  4. It is highly resistant to shocks, tremors and the passage of time. At present, wood panelling for interiors is treated so that it is one of the most wear-resistant materials available.
  5. Insulation: wood provides the best natural thermal and acoustic insulation, that is why wood panelling is so used so often in acoustic conditioning in interiors.
  6. It is a living material: natural wood adapts and changes with the passage of time. It creaks and emits sounds that will be part of the soundtrack of your life. It smells of nature and adapts to the weather and the passage of time
  7. It is a material with future: there are more and more treatments for optimising wood performance in construction and decoration. In addition, we are already experimenting with integrating wood panelling in interiors using digital technologies. (See “Decorative wood panels of the future… Will they be our next television?” )


006 revestimiento de madera en interiores wood panelling for interiors lambris pour intérieurs


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