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The use of wood panelling in libraries and cultural centres in France is certainly not surprising. At the end of the day, we are talking about a material that is eminently suitable for use in construction, can be 100% ecological, and is able to offer acoustic and decorative advantages at the same time.

Whether as wood slats or as wood panels, or even as acoustic panels, this type of inner linings is present, to a greater or lesser extent, in most French cultural buildings.

Below are five good examples of the use of wood panelling in libraries and culture centres in France.


Culture centre of Saint Pierre de Plesguen

This small culture centre was born with the renovation in 2018 of an old traditional house where the exterior stone was combined with the use of wood inside. It provides a pleasing feeling of warmth and luminosity offered by the wood of the floors and the wood fibre coverings on the ceilings.

Photos by Jeremías González and information obtained from


French National Library

When, in 2016, Atelier Bruno Gaudin and Virginie Bréga undertook the restoration of the French National Library they found that wood slats made the perfect material for the design of a modern and cosy reading room.

Photos by Takuji Shimmura and information obtained from


La Grande Passerelle

In this spectacular project of AS.Architecture-Studio in St. Malo, wood was chosen both in the structural pillars made of glued laminated wood and in the wood ceiling which features a curved plank design.

Photos by Hervé Coudrais and information obtained from


Aimé Césaire Book and Media Library

Wood is used in the form of wood slats which are the outstanding feature of the interior and, above all, the exterior of the Aimé Césaire Book and Media Library that the studio G+ Architectes designed for the French town of Blanzat.

Photos by Christophe Camus & Paul Gresham & Michaël Neri and information obtained from


Pau Culture Centre

In this project of Marjan Hessamfar & Joe Vérons Architectes the use of columns, beams, slats and wood slats is massive, giving rise to cosy ambiances where lights and shadows play a fundamental role in the design of the building.

Photos by and information obtained from


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