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About a year ago the building work of the new headquarters of the La Rioja Building Labour Foundation were concluded. We would like to take this opportunity to show you one of our most special wood projects. It is special because of its technical complexity, fully developed in house, in our land, in La Rioja, and because the results are technically superb and truly beautiful.

As a technical carpentry specialising in wood panelling and wood ceilings as well as acoustic conditioningin many different buildings, our first task was, as usual, to provide the architect with the necessary technical and financial advice during the design stage of the project.

Subsequently, once the works had been tendered and awarded, and after the necessary and timely prototypes, visits, budgets, and adjustments, the complete wood technical carpentry project was entrusted to us. This included: wood panelling on walls, false ceiling, panelled technical doors, etc..., and a very special element —a curved wall which rose from the floor to become one of the most spectacular wood ceilings conceivable across the building.

One of our most significant values as a technical carpentry company devoted to integrated decorationprojects in wood is that all of our products are manufactured entirely at our facilities. This concept helps us to improve competitively, be more flexible, improve service to our customers, provide immediate solutions to installers, etc...

In this photo you can see the spectacular wall-ceiling, with its wood panelling, which receives visitors upon entering the building. This one shows the same wall in the meeting room of the La Rioja Building Labour Foundation. This other picture shows the false ceiling in the offices.

In total, more than 500 m² of wood panelling were manufactured for the project. The model used is the SPIGOACUSTIC 28-16-16 AS, which features 2.8 mm grooves on the visible side, with a 16 mm separation between centrelines and rear circular 10 mm perforations with 16 mm between centres. In addition, the design required that the panels be finished in clear veneer cherry wood and, of course, that they comply with B-s2, d0 reaction to fire as per the UNE-EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2010 standard.

In addition, we installed panelled technical doors in cherry wood veneer using the same wood panelling model 28-16-16 AS. Here you can see them in this picture of the main corridor.

Do you like how everything looks?


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