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"Wood panelling... uhmmm... Yes, Yes, I have read in many magazines, blogs and forums the desirability of incorporating, even prioritising, the wood panelling between the inner linings which are used in the walls of workplaces but... which wood panelling is most appropriate for my office?"

Well, it is certainly impossible to give an answer that serves everyone. The variety of cases is immense, each with its own needs and peculiarities. But we can offer an overview of available wood panelling options, as well as guidance on how to go about choosing the right wood panelling for the space where we work.

The criteria to apply when choosing wood panelling are usefulness and aspect. And if you have set a priority, we recommend looking first at the usefulness of the wood panelling, not forgetting, of course, its aesthetic importance.

When using wood panelling of sound-absorbent wood panels you add an element that helps the acoustic conditioning of the room. The wood panelling also helps for soundproofing and insulating spaces. Also, with suitable treatment, wood panelling can include fire-retardant properties —always recommended, and often mandatory, from the point of view of building safety.

Looking at the aesthetic side of things, we can assure you that there is a wood panelling for every taste, both in dimensions and finishes (melamine, lacquer, wood varnish, high pressure laminate, etc...), so you can always find the option that best fits your decorative project.

In any case, we always recommend putting your design in the hands of professionals, both for the supply and the placement of any type of wood panelling.


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