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Today we'll talk about the wood panelling and acoustic panels which we design and manufacture exclusively to University Square Stratford.

When it comes to the wood panelling of the auditorium or other public areas in a public building or corporate headquarters, it is very important to be able to innovate and develop new solutions of acoustic panels and wood inner linings which the supplier can offer the client. We recently showed you the special work done with our sound-absorbent wood panelling in the columns in some of the halls of the Qatar Development Bank (QDB). For the University Square Stratford we also carried out special work with our wood panelling.

In 2013 the University Square Stratford commissioned us to manufacture and supply about 1,200 m² of wood panelling and wood acoustic panels with an oak veneer finish. This material was then installed by a local company in some of the reading rooms, computer rooms, classrooms and common rooms of the University. We manufacture and supply the Spigoacustic 28-32-16, Spigoacustic 28-NO-16, Spigoacustic 42-16-32 andSpigoacustic 42-16-16 models of acoustic panels and sound-absorbent wood panelling.

But for the University Auditorium special and unique wood panelling was sought, and they opted for the design and manufacture of a new model, unique to this work. We like challenges and we know how to and can adapt flexibly to the requirements of each project. Our technical department got down to work using the latest technology and our specialized machinery and designed and manufactured the new wood panelling consisting of a union of different Spigoacustic models, creating a very attractive 3D effect (see photo at the top).

See photos of the acoustic panels and the sound-absorbent wood finish installed in University Square Stratford


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The most suitable settings for wood acoustic panels are auditoriums, concert halls, theatres, meeting rooms, offices, operas, conference rooms...

These buildings, where acoustics are a key aspect, are the ones which most benefit from using acoustic panelsmade with sound-absorbent wood, essential for the acoustic conditioning of rooms and very recommendable when, in addition, one seeks a touch of elegance, quality and beauty.

A good example of this is the Auditorium in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, built between 1993 and 1997 as a tribute to Alfredo Kraus, the most international Canary tenor and most loved by the general public. The building, designed by the architect Oscar Tusquets, opened later, in 2010, its multi-purpose 587 m² room for up to 610 people with a world first, an innovative mechanism to retrieve the seats.

Spigogroup, and Spigotec, its division which manufactures and supplies cladding, wood ceilings and wood acoustic panels, had the chance to be involved in this part of the project.

For this auditorium we supplied acoustic panels of sound-absorbent wood. In particular, we supplied the following models: Spigotec Smooth acoustic panels, finished in veneer oak painted on fire-resistant MDB andSpigotec Leo 16 acoustic panels, also finished in veneer oak painted on fire-resistant MDB.


See photos of wood acoustic panels at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium



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