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Wood panelling for walls, false ceiling or wood ceilings, wood doors... wood is increasingly used in the decoration of homes, public buildings and workplaces. It is the material of choice because it is a hard, flexible material and offers a wide range of colours, textures and qualities. Because sound-absorbent wood helps in soundproofing and acoustic conditioning of rooms. Because it is elegant, and because it is fashionable. And also because it is reusable, recyclable and, when it comes from managed forests, it is also sustainable. But surely the prime reason is its beauty and its primitive feel which brings us back to our origins: nature.

We want to see wood around our but where can we use it to enjoy its presence in our buildings? The answer is simple: everywhere!


- Wood ceilings: in design ceilings, in a false ceiling, or in acoustic ceilings (manufactured with acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood).

- Wood walls: in inner linings made of wood, with wood panels, or on walls made of wood slats or any other type of wood panelling.

- Wood doors and windows, including isophonic technical doors used in buildings where we intend to achieve optimal soundproofing.

- Floors: in parquets, solid wood flooring, or floors with some kind of wood panelling.

- Furniture and other elements: from fitted wardrobes to made-to-measure furniture made from wood, as well as benches, stairs, shelves, etc.

Whether you are an individual or a company, ask and let yourself be advised by your project's architect, builder or decorator. They will help you achieve a warm and welcoming atmosphere using wood while respecting your tastes and aesthetic preferences.


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