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What you should ask yourself before you begin with the installation of wood panels (acoustic panels) for acoustic conditioning of the different rooms of your company.

After years having to put up with strange echoes in your office that made it difficult to understand conversations... after suffering again and again that infernal noise consisting of dozens of voices and simultaneous sounds in your employees' office... tired of having to deal with everyone being forced to shout at the meeting room in order to be overheard... you have finally decided to take the bull by the horns and start the acoustic conditioning of your company. But you want to do it well, really well, and that is why you ask yourself:


1. Which rooms need acoustic conditioning? Offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, classrooms, etc.)

2. Do you foresee any future change in the use of these rooms? Might any other room not being used now require acoustic conditioning in the near future?

3. Would you like to work only on the wall covering, or would you also like to install wood ceilings oracoustic ceilings that help the acoustic conditioning?

4. From an a esthetic point of view, do you know which wood panels or acoustic panels would look best with your company's décor?

5. Do you know any technical carpentry specialising in acoustic material, acoustic panels, wood panels, etc...?

6. How would you calculate your target reverberation time ? Should you seek advice from your technical carpentry?

7. What guarantees and certifications do the chosen wood panels provide?

8. Does your company safety plan require wood panels or acoustic panels to be fireproof?

9. Which wood panels among those that are available —such as those used to install downlights, speakers, ventilation grilles and other systems— will you need?

10. Does your technical carpentry offer a sufficient, continuous and long lasting supply of wood panels and spare parts? Does your technical carpentry have a track record and professional capability deserving your trust?


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