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Paneles de madera y Passivhaus 01Wood panels and Passivhaus are two terms that we often hear or read in the same sentence. Passivhaus aims to reduce the energy consumption of buildings by approximately 70% compared to those built to conventional standards, and the constructive advantages of wood reinforce Passivhaus in this goal. The same applies to projects with other labels related to sustainable architecture and construction: nearly-zero-energy buildings (NZEC), bio-construction, zero-energy buildings, sustainable architecture, green architecture, bioclimatic architecture, organic architecture, and more.

The key lies in the fact that using wood in Passivhaus projects makes it possible to take the low energy demand requirement to the whole construction process, while constructing or manufacturing the building, during its life and operation, and on its environmental impact.


  • During the construction process wood makes it possible to opt for locally sourced or zero km material, speeding up processes and reducing transport. It can also be prefabricated and requires less energy for processing, handling and assembly.


  • In the lifetime of the building it helps to reduce energy consumption because it is an excellent natural thermal insulator that facilitates the elimination of thermal bridges. It also helps to regulate air quality and temperature because it is able to absorb and release moisture from the air, providing a healthy, comfortable indoor environment.


  • With regard to its environmental impact, it is a material in whose manufacture hardly any CO2 emissions are generated. Wood is a carbon sink and can be grown in a sustainable and certifiable way. It is also 100% recyclable and fully participates in circular models.



Paneles de madera y Passivhaus 02



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