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Wood panels and VERDE certification share the present and future scenario of a new, more sustainable way of building.

VERDE is the sustainability certification in buildings developed by GBCe (Green Building Council España), a benchmark institution in our country in the transformation towards a sustainable model in the building sector. The label quantifies the environmental, social and economic impact of buildings and provides designers and developers with information on the environmental impact of the building through quantifiable indicators in the following categories: Plot and Site; Energy and Atmosphere; Natural Resources; Indoor Air Quality; Quality of Service; Social and Economic Aspects; and Quality Concept and Innovation. The assessment system is based on the Spanish Technical Building Code and European Directives.

Spigogroup wood acoustic panels and cladding or wood panels use FSC/PEFC wood from sustainably managed forests, thereby helping to exceed the indicators of the Natural Resources category.

On the other hand, Spigogroup has the A+ label which certifies that its wood cladding is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can pollute indoor air and, in addition, the acoustic comfort provided by its acoustic panels assure Indoor Environmental Quality.

Under the Energy and Atmosphere section, wood cladding on the thermal envelope of a building contributes to the reduction of energy use and CO2 emissions.

Spigogroup carries out our products according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, PEFC y FSC regulations, which support our commitment with environment, sustainable development of finishing activity and its good business management.





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