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Wood inner linings, design ceilings, acoustic panels, phenolic lockers, special wood furniture... the Dinastía Vivanco Museum of the Culture of Wine is one of our most special wood projects.

We are proud to say that we participated in the birth of the most important museum in the world dedicated to wine culture, and even more so as it was built in our land, La Rioja, by the Vivanco family.

The technical carpentry for the Dinastía Vivanco Museum of the Culture of Wine was large and spectacular. The Museum was opened in 2004 but the project took several years as they built the various rooms and furnished them. They most varied pieces of furniture were built and installed, including acoustic panels, sound-absorbent wood inner linings, technical doors, phenolic lockers and acoustic ceilings. This involved all the divisions of Spigogroup. The project was carried out by the architect Jesús Marino Pascual and the decorator Jesus Lozano.

These were some of the most important actions in the different rooms, all of which were made to measure for the project:


Acoustic conditioning of the museum audiovisual room by covering floors, ceilings and walls forming three overlapping Spigotec type wood boxes made of acoustic panels of sound-absorbent wood finished in balsamic walnut, ash and alder. See Photo 1

Special doors for the room and central benches made from obeche. See Photo 2


The furniture is solid oak by Carpintería Paco, our technical carpentry division: counters, display cases, wine racks, glass cabinets, central furniture or islands and wood walls with curved shelving. See Photo 1 - See Photo 2 - See Photo 3 - See Photo 4 - See Photo 5 - See Photo 6


Obeche wood furniture: side furniture, curved furniture, racks, bar counter, wardrobes and wood walls with acoustic panels from our Spigoacoustic division.


Wenge stained and varnished oak tables, special door with wood panels, square counter, shelving andinner linings in the front wood walls of the library. Maple wood flooring and tables, shelves and side furniture in offices.


Long tables for tastings, made cherry wood veneer , countertops and front pieces.


The following furniture was made to measure and installed: Curved tables with stained varnished wood, curving bench for the ramp of the food tasting room, obeche wood benches with a wood structure and covered with wood panels, double curve arched doors in the barrel ageing hall, shelves, glass cabinets and furniture and curved wood panelling with obeche wood slats in the exhibition area. See Photo


Furniture made of phenolic panel by our Spigocompac division: phenolic lockers, stall doors, auxiliary furniture and phenolic screens in dressing rooms.


Natural maple wood flooring in different rooms and in auxiliary offices.

Wood panelling in the central counter of the museum reception hall.

Curved wood panelling on the corridor wall, made of trapezoidal oak panelling.

Doors in general made of veneered natural lacquered pine and FR-60 technical fire doors


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