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paneles de listones de madera destWood slat panels are a widely-used resource when decorating offices. They bring the warmth and elegance of wood, making workplaces more comfortable and welcoming. They are very easy to install.

It is no longer strange to visit a modern office, with large, bright, spacious rooms, delimited by light-coloured walls that help the light spread, and suddenly find a wall or ceiling made of wood slats.

These wood slats are not laid one by one, but are installed in panels or grids that bring them together in groups of between 2 and 8 slats per grid. This makes it much easier and quicker to install and to cover large areas quickly and cleanly.

The main reason for the use of this resource is aesthetics, but it can also be used for acoustic conditioning. This is the case with the Spigoline Acoustic Wood slat System, in which solid wood slats of square or rectangular cross-sections are laid parallel to each other and perpendicular to an acoustic upper support with oblong or circular perforations.

Spigoline brand wood slat cladding features 70 different models divided into three main families. In addition to the Acoustic System, which we have already discussed (see models), Spigoline has the Grid System (see models), parallel solid wood slats and joined with wood rods, and the Lineal System (see models), rectangular section MDF wood slats placed parallel and joined by cross wood slats.


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