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Installing wood slats, either using a Linear System or a Grid System, is really quite simple, as we explain below.

The systems used to install the wood slats made by Spigogroup for inner linings, wood ceilings and wood walls are especially designed to offer versatility so they can be installed on surfaces both vertically and horizontally.

The wood slats system used by Spigoline called Grid System consists of parallel solid wood slats and joined with wood rods. When it is installed on a ceiling, square or rectangular wood slats, are crossed by a tube that joins them together in parallel leaving a regular free space between each slat. Then, wood slats are fitted using a U-shaped locking clip that holds them to a T15 rail that has been previously mounted on the ceiling. When a Grid System of wood slats is applied to walls, an Ω-shaped clamp is screwed onto a wood batten that has been previously fitted on the wall.

Also, the system of wood slats manufactured by Spigoline called Linear System consists of rectangular section MDF wood slats placed parallel and joined by cross wood slats. In this case, the installation of wood slats is similar both on ceilings and on walls: they are screwed onto wood battens which are always perpendicular to the slats. The Linear System allows you to install wood slats both vertically and horizontally.

For further information, you can visit the Spigoline website. It is a division of Spigogroup which manufactureswood slats and solid wood lines for ceilings and walls.

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