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001 Wood panelling and wood technical doors in the Irabia-Izaga SchoolWood technical doors for schools or other educational institutions: this is one of the most often asked about and requested items of the Spigodoor brand. Spigodoor is a division of Spigogroup which manufactures acoustic doors, FR doors and special wood doors.

This year which is soon to end, we took on one of the most important wood technical doors projects: the Irabia -Izaga school in Pamplona. The school, with over 50 years’ history and more than 4,500 students, built new facilities in Cordovilla (a town near Pamplona) this year. They were designed by the architect Ana López Baldán Málaga and built by Construcciones Ecay. It is expected to hold three lines of 1020 pupils from Primary to Higher Secondary levels.

We provided materials for the classrooms, common rooms, oratory, reception, toilets, offices, common rooms, libraries, assembly hall and dining room with products from three of our brands: Spigocompac (phenolic furniture), Spigodoor (wood technical doors) and Spigoacustic (wood panelling).

With regard to technical doors, we installed wood doors of the Basic Board series with HPL finish, FR doors of the Fire RF-60 HPL series with a solid edge, doors with a natural varnish oak veneer consisting of a pine door lining and solid exterior doors made of varnished oak.

The phenolic furniture included phenolic booths in toilets and phenolic lockers finished in white melamine.

The wood panelling included: oak veneer finish panelling with natural varnish, dovetailed and placed on battens; veneered, 16 mm HPL, flame-retardant panelling with dovetailed edges also placed on battens and 10 mm compact board wall panelling finished with Formica.

Finally, we also manufactured the benches, coat racks and different panels for classrooms, hallways and dressing rooms.


002 yellow wood technical doors in the Irabia-Izaga School


003 brown wood technical doors in the Irabia-Izaga School


004 building view the Irabia-Izaga School


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