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wood wall cladding 01Wood wall cladding has one main purpose: aesthetics, but, at the same time, it can fulfil other functions that multiply its value as a building and decorative solution.

One of the added benefits of installing wall cladding is the protection it provides for the wall on which it is installed. In common office areas where it is common for people to circulate, sometimes with packages and goods, wall cladding solutions helps to protect and preserve the original wall. The use of wall cladding saves on maintenance, as minimal cleaning can make it look as good as new, thereby doing away with the need to replace wallpaper or repaint the wall every year.

Furthermore, the added layer it provides to the wall also means extra insulation. Of course, wood wall cladding does not replace good insulation, but rather complements it by adding a new layer of separation between rooms.

Another great benefit of the installation of wood wall cladding is the possibility of using acoustic panels that help the acoustic conditioning of the room. The use of sound-absorbent wood acoustic tiles, such as those offered in the Spigotec or Spigoacustic catalogues, can guarantee the necessary acoustic comfort in a classroom, office or practice. These micro-perforated wood panels are also available in a wide range of finishes in natural wood, melamine, lacquer, HPL or through-dyed MDF, offering the perfect solution for improving both the aesthetics and acoustics of a space.


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