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Wood walls in homes and offices, wood walls in museums and wineries, wood walls in schools, auditoriums, residences, and even in boarding areas in airports. Wood walls covering has won public preference and it is increasingly common to find wood panelling in the most unexpected places.

The application of wood walls covering offers many possibilities, but the most common are:


- Solid wood walls: they are used in places where there is a special sensitivity to the use of wood as an aesthetic element.

- Wall covering with wood panels: seeking the quality and comfort that only wood can transmit.

- Sound-absorbent wood walls: for places where acoustic conditioning matters. These are rooms that usually also have acoustic ceilings and other areas covered with acoustic panels that help to control reverberation.

- Wood walls made with wood slats: the use of solid wood slats in wood ceilings, wood walls, andinner linings and exteriors is an aesthetic solution widely used for its versatility.

- Fitted wardrobes: fitted wardrobes often become the perfect walls in homes and offices, and they are used for their high storage capacity.


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