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The use of acoustic panels in hotels can radically change the perception of the quality of an establishment. Let's imagine this situation. Perhaps, you can even remember a similar case.

You arrive at the reception of a hotel in the middle of the high season. It's crowded. There is a queue to check in, the trolleys of departing guests are clattering on the floor, bored children are running about and screaming, the phone is ringing non-stop, you hear nothing but noises, echoes and everyone talking loudly to make themselves understood. You have just arrived with the intention of enjoying a few days of rest and it seems you've come to the wrong place.

In the corridors, more of the same. Every word you utter sounds like you're in a church. At lunch time, you go down to the dining room and the experience is terrible. Again, unceasing, stressful noise echoes throughout the room. The acoustics are awful and so are your holidays. In the evening, sipping your last drink in the hotel bar/dance hall, enveloped again in the garbled sounds of conversation and assorted noises, you decide you'll never go back to that hotel again.

This fictional tale, which many will recognize as not so far removed from reality, is the consequence of poor acoustics. There is no such a thing as a good hotel with bad acoustics. Acoustics is, just like the design, how the staff behave and the range of of services on offer, one of the key aspects that define the quality of a hotel.

Acoustic conditioning in hotels, with sound-absorbent wood acoustic panels that are placed strategically (reception, dining rooms, cafeteria…) and integrated into the general décor of each room, is the discreet and elegant solution to control reverberation and ensuing acoustic issues.

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paneles acústicos en hoteles 02



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