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01 ruido molesto en restaurantes annoying noise in restaurants bruit gênant dans les restaurants

Eliminating bad acoustics and annoying noise in restaurants, bars and hotels is one of the improvements that will be carried out in the coming months in establishments across Spain.

The COVID-19 crisis is shaking up the hotel and catering sector. Many establishments will not reopen their doors, and those that do will have major changes. The challenge facing hotels, bars and restaurants is twofold: to implement new safety measures and to maintain, even enhance, the comfort and convenience they offer their guests.

Among the latter, it will be necessary to improve the acoustic quality of those premises that previously suffered from reverberation issues, the permanence of sound beyond the time required to properly hear and understand a message. In addition, the impact of added glass, acrylic or similar materials with a high degree of sound reflection may have on the environmental acoustics of an establishment will need to be assessed.

The way to correct reverberation and that annoying noise in restaurants, bars and hotels is to carry out acoustic conditioning tasks, taking advantage of the inevitable reforms to be carried out on the premises. Incorporating sound-absorbent materials such as Spigoacustic wood acoustic panels and Spigotec ceiling tiles allows for improved acoustics while maintaining aesthetic excellence. You can also opt for the spectacular acoustic models of Spigoline interior cladding, made with wood slats. And for smaller jobs, there is the option of employing Spigoart acoustic solutions.

Would you like us to help you with your next project? Tell us about it and we will offer you the acoustic panels made of natural wood veneer which best suit your needs.


02 ruido molesto en restaurantes annoying noise in restaurants bruit gênant dans les restaurants.

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