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02 paneles acústicos en Qatar acoustic panels in Qatar panneaux acoustiques au Qatar

This is not the first time we have supplied acoustic panels in Qatar. In this blog we have talked about some of these projects. You can check the posts “Wood acoustic panelling for Qatar auditoriums: the case of Doha Modern Indian School”, “The acoustic conditioning of the Qatar Development Bank - QDB” y “Acoustic panels in the auditorium of the Qatari Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning”.

Today, we bring another case. Again, it is an auditorium where, to assure the best acoustics, they installed Spigogroup acoustic panels. The project featured in the pictures of this post is the auditorium of a giant residential complex that The Internal Security Force (ISF) is building in Al Dahil, on the outskirts of Doha, the capital of Qatar. The complex has a total area of four million square metres and will include 330 residential buildings for more than 17,000 people, in addition to a five-star hotel, a stadium for 10,000 people, a hospital and extensive green areas.

For this project we manufactured and supplied Spigotec Leo model 16 acoustic panels with a bespoke 3 mm diameter hole (the standard diameter of this model is 16 mm), finished in oak melamine. Those responsible for the project opted for wood panelling with a touch of originality in the design, breaking the usual horizontality of this type of installation with the inclusion of star-shaped compositions employing combinations of greys.

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03 paneles acústicos en Qatar acoustic panels in Qatar panneaux acoustiques au Qatar









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