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01 La importancia de la acústica en restaurantes y baresAcoustics in restaurants, bars and other hospitality venues is becoming a key consideration in consumer choices. Customer expectations regarding hospitality establishments are increasing: a carefully selected and renewed culinary offer, impeccable service, extended opening hours, a modern, welcoming design and now, also acoustic comfort. You only have to look at some reviews in applications such as TripAdvisor to see for yourself.

This preference makes particular sense in countries like Spain, where people tend to talk loudly. In fact, reverberation together with the noise produced by catering equipment, ambient music plus the hubbub outside on the street can significantly affect the dining experience and lower customers’ assessment of the establishment.

To make matters worse, following the passing of the energy savings law that will enforce the closed doors to maintain the temperature in bars and restaurants, the acoustic situation in some premises will worsen due to increased reverberation and uncontrolled bouncing of sound inside the premises..

The solution is to undertake acoustic conditioning work which, through the strategic installation of sound-absorbent acoustic panels, allows reverberation to be kept under control and thus improve the acoustics of restaurants and bars.

Los catálogos de soluciones acústicas de nuestros falsos techos acústicos Spigotec, paneles acústicos Spigoacustic y revestimientos de lamas de madera Spigoline, están repletos de opciones de acabados modernos y elegantes, de rápida y fácil instalación, ideales para proyectos de mejora de la acústica de restaurantes y bares.

The acoustic solutions in our Spigotec acoustic false ceilings, Spigoacustic acoustic panels and Spigoline wood slat cladding catalogues are packed with modern and stylish finish options, quick and easy to install, ideal for restaurant and bar acoustic improvement projects.


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La importancia de la acústica en restaurantes y bares


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