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ventajas del falso techo

The traditional advantages of false ceilings continue to be valid now that we are introducing the so-called "new normal". Although we are convinced that, little by little, we will win the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, the hard journey we are facing will leave its mark. Changes in our perception of the world, in how we feel secure, in what is really important and in the relationship we have with our environment will last for years, probably decades. Everything is changing because everything is receiving the veneer of the new normal. However, many things around us will remain valid because they have universal values.

Among the advantages of false ceilings that remain valid with the new normal is the feeling of shelter offered by lowering the ceiling. The proximity of the ceiling to our heads reinforces the feeling of protection of the "cave" or "hut". And if we talk about false wood ceilings the effect is even more noticeable. The need to feel safe is more present today than ever before.

In addition, a prolonged stay in enclosed environments due to lockdown measures has put a premium on the acoustics of the spaces in which we live. Acoustic false ceilings include acoustic panels that improve the clarity with which we hear sounds and conversations.





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