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As part of our process of continuous improvement of services and materials, Spigogroup has improved the fire performance of our wood acoustic panels and cladding. For years they have had B-s2-d0 certification, which guaranteed excellent fire protection properties, but now, after new improvements, they will boast B-s1-d0 certification. So what are the features of Spigogroup's B-s1-d0 wood acoustic panels now?

The standard that refers to the fire performance of wood acoustic panels and cladding is UNE-EN 13501, which lists the Euroclasses or classification of materials used in construction according to their flammability, smoke emission and particulate production.

For each of these three criteria the standard specifies different scales: F to A1 for flammability, s3 to s1 for smoke emission and d2 to d0 for production of droplets and/or particles.


paneles acústicos de madera B-s1-d0



Thus, our B-s1-d0 wood acoustic panels and cladding have the following characteristics:

  • B: this means that they provide a very limited contribution to the fire, i.e. when they burn they provide virtually no fuel.
  • s1: this means that they make little smoke.
  • d0: this indicates that, when they burn, they do not release droplets or particles that could fall on other elements.

This certification makes them the ideal material for acoustic conditioning and improving the look of high occupancy spaces, such as auditoriums, conference centres, universities, etc., with high fire safety requirements.



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