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02 complementos de placas para techos ceiling tile accessories compléments de dalles pour plafonds

Today we are going to discover four wood accessible ceiling tile accessories.

As you well know, accessible ceilings are installed employing a grid system that offers a space between the false ceiling and the original ceiling (plenum), allowing quick access and replacement of single tiles without having to dismantle the entire ceiling. This last advantage is the key feature of this type of ceiling.

When the tiles used in accessible ceilings are acoustic panels you can fine tune the acoustic absorption capacity of the ceiling by replacing some tiles with others that offer greater or lesser sound absorption. Accessible ceilings also hide water piping, air ducts, electrical, electronic and safety wiring systems. These systems may require special ceiling tiles or ceiling tile accessories located on the ceilings. These are some of the most common types:

  • Speaker tiles: they have slots specially designed to let the sound through coming from speakers hidden behind the accessible ceilings in public address or ambient music systems.
  • Ventilation tiles: the system is similar to speaker tiles, but in this case, what they let through is the air coming from the building’s ventilation or air conditioning systems.
  • Downlight tiles: they are those that hold the downlights of the room’s lighting system. In this case you can opt for both square and round tiles.

The advance of home automation and the technology applied to construction has put dozens of new surveillance systems, security, detectors and sensors on the market that can also be discreetly integrated into the wood accessible ceilings used in homes, offices and community service buildings. If you need a special complement to integrate a device in a ceiling, consult us about it. At Spigogroup, we are manufacturers and we can design special tiles to suit your needs.


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