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01 techo técnico technical ceilings plafond techniqueTechnical ceilings are hung from the frameworks for the purpose of concealing wiring, pipes and other utilities in a building. They are also called false ceilings precisely because they do not belong to the original construction, but rather hide the true ceiling under a metal structure and a system of tiles. They are very common in public and service buildings, in offices, and in hotels and shops.

Technical ceilings can be removable or accessible. Removable ceilings are those which can be removed although it can only be done by removing wood panels starting from the sides up to the point where you need to work. Accessible ceilings, however, allow you to work on a given location, removing or replacing individual panels without having to move adjoining panels. exactly on a point and can replace a panel in concrete, without moving the neighbouring panels.

The most common reasons for installing technical ceilings are:


  • To hide wiring, sensors and communication installations, security, ventilation, air conditioning, public address systems and home automation.
  • To improve the acoustics of a room with the use of sound-absorbent acoustic panels to help the acoustic conditioning and control reverberation.
  • To reduce energy bills, because when you reduce the height of the ceiling, you reduce the amount of m³ that you need to heat or cool.
  • To bring elegance and warmth to a room by using wood panels.
  • Contribute to the fire safety of a building using flame retardant panels that retard the spread of fire.


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