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Decorar una oficina con madera 01

We spend many hours a day in our office. In addition, in many cases, they are also the spaces that receive our existing or future clients. In any case, aesthetics and decoration are fundamental. Walls, furniture, wood ceilings… deciding on how to go about decorating an office with wood is the first step in achieving a pleasant, welcoming workplace that boosts our productivity.

The reason is that wood takes us directly to the idea of nature, and evokes positive sensations such as well-being and peacefulness. This contributes major psychological benefits, as it reduces stress levels and thus promotes a healthy mind and body.

The second step is to choose which wood shades will be the most suitable and with which colours they can be combined to achieve a harmonious visual whole that transmits the desired sensations. Spigogroup's wood panelling comes standard in natural maple, beech, oak and cherry wood finishes. But you can also opt for other, more exotic or special wood finishes. You can opt for special tree species such as wenge, ash and zebrawood. In addition, you can decide on pre-stained or pre-made sheets that cover the entire chromatic range. You can also choose from hundreds of options of veins, knots and textures that complete a catalogue that can supply any project you can imagine, however fantastic.

Cherry hues are great transmitters of warmth, but they are powerful and should be combined with neutral colours. Wine red shades, more oriental in style, are used to gain distinction. Use light shades when you want to express lightness, freedom and elegance, as in the Nordic styles. Finally, golden hues bring life, brightness and youth.

Decorar una oficina con madera 02


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