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Tracasa Offices

Among the office ceiling tiles on the market you can find hundreds of options, many of them very economical, that may look acceptable but with doubtful results in the long run. So, when we talk about choosing your office ceiling tiles, our recommendation is, without a doubt, to look for quality.

At Spigogroup we recommend that you use wood as the main material for office ceilings. Aesthetically, it is tremendously versatile. If you choose natural wood finishes, you will find warm, elegant choices, compatible with any decorative style, that will never go out of fashion. If your corporate style manual requires specific colours or textures, we can also achieve this with lacquer finishes or high pressure laminate (HPL) veneer.

Another wise decision is to take advantage of the opportunity to improve the acoustics of the workplace by opting for office ceiling tiles which are also sound-absorbent. We are talking about those ceilings that have slots or perforations and allow for the acoustic conditioning of a space. Today, more than ever, comfort at work is the key to achieving the performance expected from increasingly better selected work teams. Design, ergonomics, thermal conditioning and acoustic comfort are the hallmarks of new offices.

At Spigogroup, you have hundreds of different combinations of sound-absorbent wood panels and tiles of the highest quality. Just visit the Spigoacustic and Spigotec catalogues and choose the model that best suits the needs of our project.

These are some examples of office projects that decided to go for wood and improved acoustics.


placas para techos de oficinas tracasa

Tracasa Offices


Fundación Laboral de la Construcción de La Rioja Offices


Laboratorios Cinfa Offices


Visesa Offices


placas para techos de oficinas en tenerife

Tax Delegation in Tenerife Offices


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