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Decoración de oficinas con madera 01

Decorating offices with wood transforms workspaces. To a greater or lesser extent, wood is the material of choice in any office decoration project.

There are several reasons for this. Wood is a natural material that brings a significant level of comfort and warmth to rooms where other, colder materials, such as glass and concrete, are also used. With regards to the environment, it is a material that is kind to nature, 100% recyclable and also sustainable. And from the point of view of acoustics it is sound-absorbent, particularly when used in the form of wood acoustic panels.

Everyone loves wood and it seems indispensable in any modern office. But where can we use it? These are the 5 places in your office where you can show your love of wood

  • Ceilings: a very common choice, both as ceiling tiles and as wood slats, particularly when you want to undertake the acoustic conditioning of an office.
  • Walls: the location where it is most prominent, again as wood cladding in the form of wood panelling or as wood slats.
  • Floors: on platforms or stairs, wood conveys a sense of quality that transforms a visitor's perception of the company.
  • Tables and counters: made of solid wood or slatted wood veneer, they
  • are a quick way to add more wood without major building work.
  • Cupboards and shelves, employing decorative wood veneer, such as that offered by the Spigoplank brand.


Decoración de oficinas con madera 02


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