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Today we bring one of the most resounding success stories in the use of wood slats in schools. Just a glance at the photograph at the top of this text and those that follow a little further down shows the breadth of perspective, the warm atmosphere and the modern and elegant ambience that was achieved in this project.

What we see are the new offices of the Centro de Estudios Garrigues, a benchmark law & business school with ties to the renowned Garrigues law firm, which was set up in Madrid in 1994. The key to the whole decorative project was, without a doubt, to showcase the prestige of the brand. The Spigoline wood ceilings and walls made their small contribution to this goal.

Of the almost 40 options offered in the Spigoline catalogue, Grid System model 5-15-70-55 was chosen. It consists of solid wood slats with a rectangular cross section that are placed parallel to each other and joined by 12 mm diameter wood rods. Nearly 200 m² were manufactured in solid PSM R12354 stained obeche wood, to which a flame-retardant fireproof treatment was applied by means of the surface application of a varnish with bs2, d0 classification under the UNE EN 1350-1:02 standard. The installation features T15 fastening clips, and the downlights are embedded in the design ceilings superbly, appearing to be just another slat and creating a spectacular optical effect.









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