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decorative wood cladding at Bodegas OlarraDecorative wood cladding has the function of transferring Ethe aesthetic benefits of wood to some other surface, object or room. This was the case in this particular project.

When, just over a year ago, the Rioja-based decorator Carmen Fernández invited us to participate in the remodelling project of the central hexagonal area of Bodegas Olarra, we felt the responsibility of being able to do our bit for this iconic building, one of the clearest examples of the so-called Wine Architecture. Designed in 1973 by the architect Juan Antonio Ridruejo, it constitutes a veritable treatise on architecture applied to the winemaking process, featuring a barrel room with 111 hexagonal domes, specifically designed to prevent sudden temperature changes. It was our turn to intervene in the heart of the building.

In addition to interiorwood cladding in the wine bar area, we carried out some bespoke carpentry work, including decorative wood cladding in other parts of the premises. We designed and manufactured special table tops in solid oak wood and produced shelves in 30 mm natural varnished oak veneer, placed on metal structures. We also designed and manufactured bespoke partitioning furniture in varnished oak veneered wood between rooms.

The result was excellent. In a building that maintains its almost metre and a half thick concrete walls, the appearance of small touches of solid wood reinforces the open, cheerful and receptive character of this unique winery in Logroño.



decorative wood cladding at Bodegas Olarra


decorative wood cladding at Bodegas Olarra



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