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detalle Diseño de restaurantes

Wood in the design of restaurants, bars and dining rooms contributes to achieving the goals that all decoration and interior design projects in the hotel and catering industry should have. It is not just about increasing the bottom line, but about improving the customer experience and creating spaces where a professional feels proud to work.

Whether in wood panels, wood claddingand wood slats or in any other component one may need, wood is a fundamental weapon for businesses that want to show off good design.

  • It helps to differentiate. We are not simply referring to the use of wood, which is already widespread, but to the proper use of wood. The right choice of location and form can set you apart from the competition.
  • It reinforces the emotional bond created between the premises and the customer, and helps to live on in their memory. The warmth and comfort transmitted by wood suggests a return to home, to intimacy, to the place where we feel good, where we feel safe.
  • It improves acoustics. In its different acoustic panel choices, wood is the perfect ally to achieve the acoustic comfort that customers demand today.
  • It offers a balance between functionality and design. No one needs a restaurant that is only beautiful, so the materials used in its design must also be functional. Their use and location must meet cross-cutting requirements, and being easy to clean and replace, safe, hard and durable are some of the attributes of wood.

01 Diseño de restaurantes


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