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01 Instalar revestimientos de techos install ceiling cladding poser des revêtements de plafondWhy install ceiling cladding? for aesthetics? out of necessity? Is not aesthetics also a necessity?

Yes, we all agree: aesthetics is a necessity. In fact, the world invests entire fortunes every day in improving the aesthetics of bodies, businesses, buildings and entire cities. And this is because it is a necessity.

The question is whether, if you install ceiling cladding, there are some other advantages apart from the aesthetic improvement. In this case the answer is also affirmative.

The inner linings used to create a false ceiling offers thermal improvement, because lowering the ceiling reduces the amount of m³ of air that needs to be heated or cooled to reach a comfortable temperature. As a result, if you install ceiling cladding you also cut down on your energy bill.

On the other hand, it is normal to take advantage of inner linings on ceilings to place sound-absorbent acoustic panels that help control reverberation and tackle acoustic conditioning.

Best of all, all these advantages are compatible with a significant aesthetic improvement. The simple fact of hiding the original construction material (concrete, brick, metal ...) from the ceiling is already, in many cases, a remarkable advance. If in addition, you use wood panels in your ceiling cladding, you add qualities such as the elegance and warmth of wood.

Whether for technical needs, or for aesthetics, or for both reasons, the installation of wood interior cladding and false ceilings is always a sure bet.

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02 Instalar revestimientos de techos install ceiling cladding poser des revêtements de plafond.

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