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placas de lamas de madera

The wood slat tiles can also help improve room acoustics. It depends on the model you choose.

It is widely agreed that the main reason for choosing wood slats for interior cladding of ceilings and walls is purely aesthetic. The order and symmetry of the parallel arrangement of the slats, and the warmth and elegance of the wood, provide the perfect decorative solution. Moreover, they adapt, both technically and aesthetically, to any space. That is why we can see them in schools and culture centres, offices, dining rooms, meeting rooms, waiting rooms and common spaces in public or community buildings.

However, wood slat tiles do not provide acoustic improvement if they are not specially designed for this purpose. Spigoline brand wood slat panels have an Acoustic System consisting of parallel solid wood slats with a square or rectangular cross-section on a plywood board with sound absorbent properties. This is because this board has similar perforations to those used by the traditional acoustic panels.

The Spigoline Acoustic System offers panels with round or slotted perforations, consisting of 4 to 8 slats that are 20 mm high and 50 or 90 mm wide set at gaps of 55 or 130 mm between them. The standard slat length is 2400 mm, but custom lengths can be manufactured to meet particular project requirements.

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