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002 Tamaño de las puertas de interior Interior door sizes Taille des portes intérieuresIf you have a good budget and you work with a good door manufacturer, the interior door sizes in your project will be the one you want. As in everything, if you want to, and can afford to work outside standard door sizes, you can always do that. Is this your case? Do you need to work with non-standard door sizes? Contact Spigodoor and tell us about your project.

But we know that this situation is not often the case. Normally, budget limitations require that you use standard door sizes.

The most common interior door sizes or standard door sizes, share a common height of 2.030 mm and come in different widths to choose from: 425, 525, 625, 725, 825 and 925 mm.

These door sizes are applicable both to simple wood doors and house doors and to technical doors that may be needed in other types of buildings: acoustic doors or soundproof doors, fire doors or FR doors, special doors, etc.

At Spigodoor, the division of Spigogroup which manufactures wood technical doors, we insist on the importance of not ordering doors based on the standard door sizes in drawings but to measure the real height and and width of the opening of each door. In this post we explain a little better how to take measures to place an order and get the interior door sizes that you need.



001 EN Tamaño de las puertas de interior Interior door sizes Taille des portes intérieures


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