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01 plazos de entrega de lamas de madera maciza

At Spigogroup, we know that the only way of ensuring a project is properly managed is by meeting lead time and price commitments. Our constant efforts aimed at innovating and improving our production processes have made it possible for us to announce today that we have managed to halve the lead times for solid wood slats (ex-works delivery) for the most sought after models in our catalogue.

One of the reasons why so many architectural studios and construction companies recommend Spigogroup is because we are manufacturers and can rapidly supply any model in our catalogue in any of its finish options. Moreover, by handling each order in a unique, independent way, we can deal with any variation or change request, even out of catalogue.

Being a manufacturer is precisely what has enabled us to reduce the standard production times of open panels with solid wood slats in the Spigoline Grid range. Therefore:


  • Lead times for models with standard or B-s2,d0 fire-resistant varnish, have dropped from 4-5 weeks to 2-3 weeks.
  • Lead times for models treated in autoclave B-s1,d0 have been cut down from 6-7 weeks to 3-4 weeks.
  • These lead times will be confirmed when the order is formally placed and are valid for orders of up to 250 m², counting from the date of the firm order.
  • These are ex-works lead times, excluding transport times to destination.


The models available with the new lead times are:


  • Standard Spigoline Grid range (most popular models):

- Spigoline Grid 4-30-70-55

- Spigoline Grid 5-15-70-55

- Spigoline Grid 6-30-70-30

- Spigoline Grid 8-15-70-30


  • Spigoline Grid extended range:

- Spigoline Grid 2-15-70-165

- Spigoline Grid 2-30-70-140

- Spigoline Grid 2-30-70-150

- Spigoline Grid 3-30-70-90

- Spigoline Grid 4-15-70-75

- Spigoline Grid 5-30-70-40




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