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01 lamas en una pared slats on a wall lames sur une cloison

Something as simple as using slats on a wall can change the look of a room. And when the room is an office or workplace, it can also change the impression caused by the business it hosts. For example, using cladding consisting of wood slats on walls is a decision that completely changes the final result of the décor and interior design project.

The American architect, designer and film director Charles Eames once explained: “One could describe Design as a plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose.” Using wood slats on a wall is therefore a design action that pursues the exhibition in certain places of vertical elements of a quality natural material, such as wood, with the intention of providing modernity and warmth to a project.

On the one hand, installing slats on a wall transforms the space. It brings verticality and order, and changes the visual perspective of a room. In a hotel reception or company foyer, the use of wood slats transfers the feeling of seriousness and serenity to the visitor, of being in a place where everything is under control to assure the best experience.

Opting for wood slats also offers warmth and harmony with nature, and gives a greater sense of closeness between people who work in the company and visitors or customers who make use of its facilities and services.








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