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01 Taquillas para vestuarios lockers for changing rooms casiers de vestiairesThe lockers for changing rooms manufactured with phenolic panel, or phenolic lockers, bring together a number of technical properties that place them the first positions among the models used in changing rooms in factories, gymnasiums, swimming pools and schools, ahead of other options such as wood lockers or metal lockers.

Precisely what makes this kind of lockers for changing rooms special is the compact phenolic board with used to manufacture them: a high pressure laminate consisting with several layers of kraft paper pressed at high temperatures to form a laminate, with a thickness of 12 mm in the case of Spigocompac.

This compact phenolic board or phenolic panel has the features that make phenolic lockers in the perfect lockers for changing rooms:


  • Improved fire-reaction
  • Moisture resistance
  • Path resistance
  • Resistance to scratches and impact
  • Easy maintenance
  • Antibacterial


From a more technical point of view, the standard compact phenolic board which are used to make phenolic lockers by Spigocompac (division of Spigogroup devoted to sports furniture), have the following characteristics:


  • Density:
1,35 g/cm³
  • Scratch Resistance EN 438-2, 25:
Class 2/3
  • Impact Resistance (Large Ball) EN 438-2 21:
<= 10 mm
  • Light Fastness EN 438-2, 27:
4-5 Grey Scale
  • Fire Rating:
C-s2, d0
  • Resistance to Cigarette Burns EN 438-2, 30:
Class 3
  • Immersion in Boiling Water EN 438-2, 12:
Class 3/4
  • Resistance to Dry Heat EN 438-2, 16:
Class 3/4
  • Resistance to Water Vapour EN 438-2, 14:
Class 3/4
  • Stain Resistance EN 438-2, 26:
Class 4/5


EN438 Class Definitions: Class 1: Blisters and or delamination - Class 2: Marked loss of gloss and or colour - Class 3: Moderate loss of gloss and or colour - Class 4: Slight loss of gloss and or colour - Class 5: No visible change



002 Taquillas para vestuarios lockers for changing rooms casiers de vestiaires.

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