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01 materiales para acondicionamiento acústico materials for acoustic conditioning Matériaux de conditionnement acoustique

The market offers many options in materials for acoustic conditioning (acoustic sponge, glass fibre, textile fibre, etc.). However, in many places, wood is the chosen material. This you can see in press rooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms, classrooms, courtrooms or exhibition areas in some institutions. You will always find perforated wood walls behind the performers. These are wood acoustic panels used for acoustic conditioning projects in most architectural spaces for public use.

Acoustic conditioning is performed in order to improve room acoustics by correcting reverberation issues or echoes that may occur inside. But the fact that there has been acoustic conditioning does not mean that it has to be visible. For this reason many technicians, decorators and interior designers shun “uglier” materials for acoustic conditioning and opt for wood.

Technically, wood acoustic panels can offer the same average levels of sound absorption needed in a room as any other material. Wood is also discreet, giving prominence to other decorative or important elements in the room while at the same time adding sense of comfort and unmatched elegance.

In addition, wood is one of the most eco-friendly materials for acoustic conditioning available, provided it comes from sustainably managed forests, like the Spigoacustic and Spigotec acoustic panels.

If you have to undertake and acoustic conditioning project, don’t think twice about it. Choose wood. Choose Spigotec or Spigoacustic acoustic panels.


02 materiales para acondicionamiento acústico materials for acoustic conditioning Matériaux de conditionnement acoustique.

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