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sound absorption

Sound reflection, sound absorption and sound diffusion are three sound behaviours that should be taken into account when undertaking the acoustic conditioning of a space.

The final quality of a constructive space is determined by multiple factors, including the acoustic aspect which is very relevant. A negative enveloping acoustic atmosphere causes communication difficulties, stress, lack of concentration and fatigue.

If one does not take care of acoustics, one fails as an architect or decorator in creating comfortable environments for living, working or carrying out other tasks.

Let's define these three sound behaviours. When a sound wave encounters a material obstacle that opposes its propagation, three things occur:

  • A part of the energy is reflected. That is what we call sound reflection. Architectural acoustics addresses this phenomenon with the use of non-porous materials, rigid materials and smooth materials.
  • Another part of the energy is absorbed and continues its propagation through the material that is hindering it, giving rise to what is known as sound absorption. When treating sound absorption, porous materials, resonators, furniture and people are taken into account. In particular Spigogroup acoustic panels, which are made of natural wood, show excellent properties of acoustic absorption.
  • sound absorption The last part of the energy is transmitted producing the third phenomenon that you need to anticipate: sound diffusion, that is, the, preferably uniform, dispersion of sound in different directions within a space.

Thus, to ensure that sound waves reach spectators equally from anywhere, creating a surrounding sound that increases the acoustic quality of an enclosure, ceiling elements, accordion walls, sound diffusers and sound diffractors are


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