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01 Panel lamas slat panel panneaux à lamesThe Spigoline catalogue of wood slat panels grows and improves. The GRID System of slat panel has significantly expanded the number of options available with the incorporation of 28 new special items, going from the eight models available so far to a total of 36 options. Thus the final Spigoline catalogue consisting of models of the GRID System, of the ACOUSTIC Sound-Absorbing System and of the LINEAL System, doubles its total number of items, increasing from 20 to 48 models of wood slats.

Many projects require special products that do not exist in the market. Those responsible for the development of these works know that the Spigoline catalogue of wood slats is extensive both in models and finishes, but they also know that we are manufacturers and that, if your project requires some type of variation in some model, we can adapt it on request.

The new features of the Spigoline catalogue of wood slats are some of the variants most requested by clients of the most popular models of the brand. In most cases, the change supposes lightening of the density of wood slats per panel which allows, for example, to include other elements such as luminaries, loudspeakers or sensors between slats.

If you want to discover the new Spigoline GRID System slat panel models, follow this link where you can also download the relevant data sheet for each model. If you want to review the traditional models you can do so through this link.


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