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01 techos de madera para museos wood ceilings for museums plafonds bois pour musées

Wood ceilings for museums are unique projects, as much as the buildings that feature them and the works they cover. A wood ceiling designed for an exhibition hall should make a contribution to the decoration of the room while leaving the leading role to the artworks on exhibit. This project is a clear example of this.

The Hall of Mayors of Bilbao City Hall is a 100 m² space located in the west wing of the building. It holds about twenty portraits of most of the mayors of the city, from 1873 until today. The room offers visitors a restful atmosphere, with dim lights, which invite one to contemplate the paintings that stand out in this environment for their own lighting.

It was necessary to install a solution on the ceiling that would provide order and harmony, integrating downlights, speakers and other elements, but also respecting the sobriety and elegance of the room. A Spigoline wood slat ceiling was chosen. It is comprised of wood slat panels laid out in a GRID system, model 5-15-70-55, with solid obeche wood finish, stained with standard varnish, installed with fastening fastening clips.

The result is extraordinary, achieving a perfect aesthetic solution that also gives the room a feeling of greater breadth.

Images obtained from the website of the studio of Suarez Santas Arquitectos

More information about wood ceilings for museums in the Spigoline wood slat interior cladding catalogue


03 techos de madera para museos wood ceilings for museums plafonds bois pour musées


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