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techos de madera para colegios

At Spigogroup we manufacture wood ceilings for schools, universities and other educational institutions. We have been doing this for more than thirty years and we have seen the growth of wood as the material of choice for finishing the ceilings of classrooms in schools of all kinds in different parts of the world.

Nowadays, the importance of design is taken into account in every workspace, including academic ones. The undisputed positive influence of the well-being that the warmth and elegance of the wood design produces on the performance of both students and teachers is well-known.

In addition, new ecological design and decoration trends have reinforced the choice of wood, as a sustainable and recyclable material for the interior cladding of ceilings and walls of schools, academies, universities and schools.

Another reason why wood ceilings are installed is the search for the best acoustic comfort in classrooms. Gone are the days of unintelligible classes permeated with reverberations and echoes. When you install wood acoustic panels, such as you’ll find in the Spigoacustic, Spigotec and Spigoline catalogues, you help to achieve the optimum acoustic conditioning for this type of installation.

Wood ceilings can also be accessible ceilings that house loudspeakers, downlights, projector brackets and security systems used in school classrooms.

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