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Here is a good example of manufacturing and installation of wood slats, wood cladding and wood doors for wineries. This is a wood decoration project in which we had the pleasure of participating in 2019 at Zinio Bodegas/Bodegas Patrocinio, the Uruñuela wine cooperative, in the heart of the Rioja wine region.

Wineries are, without a doubt, businesses with close ties to the land. They also have a close relationship with wood. Grapes are born from the twisted vines that the land of Rioja has held since time immemorial. The grapes used to make the wines come from these vines, but the vines also produce the canes over which some of the increasingly valued dishes of Rioja cuisine are prepared. In addition, the ubiquitous oak barrels in wineries are used to age and store the superb Rioja Wines of international renown. It is therefore not surprising that Zinio Bodegas/Bodegas Patrocinio should opt for wood for its new offices and hospitality spaces.

The cladding chosen for ceilings and walls are Spigoline model 5-15-70-55 wood slats. In addition, a technological platform and plank flooring were installed, as well as various bespoke special doors, flush doors and technical doors, including FR60 fire doors, finished in oak.

These are pictures of the excellent final result:



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