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The use of cladding with wood slats for restaurants has become widespread. The first reaction of surprise we felt a few years ago when we entered a dining room and sat under the "rails" of a design ceiling made of wood slats has by now disappeared. We have become used to it. But the sensations of order and spaciousness provided by this type of interior cladding continue to participate in the elegant and modern environments of today's top food temples.

Different effects can be achieved depending on the finish (colour or wood) and also depending on the chosen tone. In this case, the new Kavanova restaurant in Logroño had opted for a remodelling of its dining rooms using stone and brick on the walls in order to achieve a rustic, cosy atmosphere in the heart of the capital of La Rioja. But, at the same time, they wanted to offer modern details, in tune with an avant-garde food proposal based on the traditional flavours of Riojan cuisine.

They chose to do so with wood, in the form of solid wood slats or strips oak-stained and varnished obeche wood, which convey solidity, quality and elegance. In this case, Spigoline Grid system model 5-15-70-55 was chosen. It features 5 wood slats, 15 mm wide and 70 mm long, and a separation between slats of 55 mm. They were installed on the ceiling by means of T-15 profiles with a "U" shaped fixing clip.

As you can see in the following pictures, the final effect of the whole decorative project is extraordinary:




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