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01 paneles acústicos para supermercados, galerías y centros comerciales

Acoustic panels for supermarkets, malls and shopping centres are the solution for premises with acoustic settings affected by reverberation.

Sound is key at point of sale and the right acoustics are essential to provide a good shopping experience. Among the aspects of sensory marketing that most affect the bottom line of a shopping centre is sound and how it shapes the relationship between the shop and the potential buyer. It is not in vain that sound is one of the main transmitters of information about a product. According to some scientific studies, shoppers retain more than 90% of the information they hear.

Good acoustic conditioning ensures that consultations and conversations between salespeople and customers are perfectly clear and understandable, preventing errors and misunderstandings. In addition, the reverberation control offered by the use of acoustic panels in shops, malls and supermarkets makes it possible to take advantage of the sound channel to inform customers about offers and promotions through loudspeakers without reducing the acoustic comfort of those who are shopping.

In terms of aesthetics, sound-absorbent wood panels can be adapted to any type of decorative style. The Spigotec and Spigoacustic catalogues offer from the most elegant natural wood finishes to any RAL, PANTONE and NCS chart colour. Different sizes and mounting systems can be chosen and installed on both walls and ceilings. They are perfect for acoustic conditioning in shopping centres, shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, large establishments and corridors and common areas of shopping malls.


paneles acústicos para supermercados, galerías y centros comerciales 02




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