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Fitted acoustic panels are installed as furniture cladding or as part of other elements, going beyond the usual location on walls or ceilings.

paneles acústicos integrados dest

On many occasions the first requirement is the use of wood cladding to bring warmth and elegance to an area or space. Then, a need to improve the acoustics of the space is identified and the opportunity arises to leverage the wood cladding to reinforce the room’s sound absorption capacity by using sound-absorbent cladding as wood acoustic panels.

In most of these cases acoustic panels have to be partially or completely adapted to the surface on which they are to be installed. Spigogroup offers a clear advantage in these cases: we are manufacturers of acoustic panels and this allows us to manufacture them to order, as well as provide us with a thorough understanding of the structure and performance of acoustic panels to determine which are best to fit them in with any project.

The pictures in this article are of a bespoke project for Barón de Ley winery in La Rioja. In this case, Spigoacustic acoustic panels, model 28-32-32, were fitted into the cabinet island of the winery's tasting room. The project housed the tasting washbasins, whilst the oak finish sound-absorbent cladding concealed drawers, cupboard doors and other storage points.







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