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01 taquillas sanitarias changing room lockers casiers sanitaires

Changing room lockers have a prominent place in the sports furniture catalogue of Spigocompac, the Spigogroup division that manufactures phenolic lockers, cubicles and benches. It is a product always present in schools, sports facilities, airports and coach and train stations, radio and TV studios, public buildings, health centres and leisure buildings, restaurants or multi-purpose buildings.

The advantages of changing room lockers made with phenolic panel are many: they are water or moisture resistant, they are very hard and rugged, their installation does not require brickwork, they adapt to the dimensions of the room in which they work and to the irregularities of the floor, they are self-supporting and, in addition, they are easy to clean and disinfect.

Spigocompac offers changing room lockers in standard sizes (although we can also manufacture custom sizes) with different combinations of materials. Thus, if the frame of the locker (sides, top, base and shelves) is compact or melamine board, compact board is recommended for the doors and, if the frame is Compacmel, the front should be made of the same material.

Spigocompac changing room lockers and sports furniture can be completed with other elements such as coat racks, shelves, sloping ceilings, counter tops, partitions and wrist straps for locker keys.

The lead time for Spigocompac phenolic lockers is 3 or 4 weeks. Should you require a customised piece of sports furniture, you will be made aware of the lead times before you place the order.




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