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02 placas para techos de aulas en colegios, universidades y centros de formacion (Medium)

The installation of classroom ceiling tiles in schools, universities and training centres can be done for different reasons. Let's go over some of the most important ones:

Perhaps the first and most obvious is the visual aspect of the space in which the classes are to be taught. Usually the ceilings of buildings, including those that house schools, are not aesthetically acceptable and tend to be concealed with cladding to make rooms look nicer. In these cases, wood is usually one of the most recurrent finishes, as it offers warmth and aesthetic versatility, both in panel format and in wood slats.

Another reason, for using classroom ceiling tiles in schools is the need to lower ceilings to reduce the height of the rooms and cut down the energy bill of the room's air conditioning. Lowering ceilings through the use of accessible ceilings also makes it possible to hide cables and pipes and to accommodate luminaries, projectors, sensors, grids and other electrical devices, including fibre, security, domotics and heating and air conditioning installations.

These days when students are returning to the classroom, in many cases with a mask because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for classrooms with good acoustics has become evident. The installation of wood acoustic tiles offers a significant improvement in the clarity with which any conversation or speech can be captured inside a classroom. It was recommended before but now that the emission of messages is hindered and distorted by the masks, the need for sound-absorbent acoustic panels is indispensable.


La instalación de placas para techos de aulas en colegios, universidades y centros de formación puede deberse a diferentes motivos. Vamos a repasar algunos de los más importantes:



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