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Today we are going to show you a recent example of phenolic veneer and doors for schools developed by Spigogroup: the new headquarters of the University Nursing School in Logroño.

Sometimes the visual identification of an architectural project with the activity it houses inside is perfect. This is one of these cases. The design of the newly opened Nursing School in Logroño bears the colours of the health sector (white and green) reflected in a minimalist and elegant decorative proposal.

As in any other project for veneers or doors for schools the intense daily use that is planned for the facilities has been taken into account. That is why compact white phenolic veneer was chosen for interior cladding in walls and for the furniture and doors.

In total we manufactured and assembled 50 Spigodoor technical doors finished in compact white phenolic veneer and installed mostly as flush doors, also called integrated doors or invisible doors. There are also FR 60 fire doors, some of which are equipped with hydraulic springs and panic bars.

Likewise, we installed about 1,000 m² of wall covering in 6 mm phenolic compact veneer. For closet fronts and heating vents, this same phenolic compact was also chosen in bespoke sizes. In addition, 88 m² of white phenolic cabins and DUO technology floors were mounted on a metal bench structure. For the assembly hall we opted for a white wood cladding with Spigoacustic model 28-16-32 acoustic panels and Fireproof MDF B-s1, d0.


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